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Dimensions2614 x 1782
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Faye and Rob[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]Nikon D2HFocal Length: 86mmOptimize Image: Color Mode: Mode I (sRGB)Long Exposure NR: Off2005/10/28 17:23:40.6Exposure Mode: Aperture PriorityWhite Balance: AutoTone Comp.: NormalRAW (12-bit)Metering Mode: Multi-PatternAF Mode: AF-SHue Adjustment: 0°Image Size: Large (2464 x 1632)1/400 sec - F/4.5Flash Sync Mode: Front CurtainSaturation: Exposure Comp.: 0 EVAuto Flash Mode: i-TTLSharpening: Medium lowLens: VR 70-200mm F/2.8 GSensitivity: ISO 640Auto Flash Comp: -1.7 EVImage Comment: Geoff Byers; [#End of Shooting Data Section]